The first step towards doing any business on Jubera – whether shopping, selling,,seeking a career, becoming an affiliate, a sales consultant, a service provider, an agent, etc., is to register your account and become a member of the Jubera family. Registration is an essential requirement that enables you to do any business on Jubera,. Registration is free. To register an account, click here

Finding a Product:

In any page on the Jubera website, you will see Shop By Department at the top left. Place your cursor on this and the various departments will drop down. Next click on the department you want to find goods from. The various categories will drop down, together with the entire products available in that category. You may prefer to go through the entire products in that department, or reduce the search efforts by clicking on the category containing the item you are looking for. This takes you to all the products in that category. You search for the product here, and next, click on the particular product of your choice. This takes you to the product page. Carefully study the product description, functions, specifications, warranty, etc. and be sure you are satisfied before placing an order. Where you need further information, click on Customer Service and make your inquiry. Jubera will contact the seller immediately and get back to you with feedback.

Placing an Order:

When you are satisfied with the integrity of the product, the next thing is placing the order.

      • If you are buying a single item, specify the quantity you are buying, next click on Buy Now. Note that for some products, you may be required to choose country of shipment, colour, sizes, etc.
      • If you are buying more than one item, you are advised to use the cart. For each product, click on Add to Cart. When you are through with picking all your items, place you cursor on the cart icon, then click on View cart, next,click on Proceed to Checkout.
      • At Checkout, you will find the total cost of goods and shipment

Making Payment

Proceed to Checkout takes you to the next page. Here you see the details of your order. Check and make sure your address and all other details are correct; then click on Place Order. This takes you to the next page where you will have to click on Making Payment. You will be redirected to a secure page where you can enter you ATM card details or bank account details. The cvv on the ATM card are the 3-digits figure on the reverse side of your ATM card. Next click on the figure of the amount you have been billed to pay.

Tracking an Order

As soon as the payment for your order is received, Kenmax Associates will send a confirmation receipt to your email, followed by an order number. Upon confirmation of your order, a Tracking Number will be sent to you via your email address. With the tracking number, you can monitor the movement of your order from point of origin to when it gets to you. On the top right-hand side of the Jubera web page, you find Track Your Order. Click on it and follow the process to track your order. It is important that you monitor the movement of your order until it gets to you.

Return Policy:

You can return the good within 2 days of receiving it and get your money refunded, provided that you contact us immediately you receive the goods and notify us of the facts of your dissatisfaction and rejection of the item, and be prepared to bear the return shipping fee. You may decide to keep the good and get partial refund. Jubera will negotiate with the oversea seller the amount to refund to you. Jubera ensures that your interest is fully protected and served.

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